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Why story and values are the route to better customer communication

By: Onur Ibrahim

Social communications has its roots in values. People understand each other and connect based by sharing stories, mainly of experiences that have touched them. The greatest salespeople have been able to harness this and communicate to others that they share common ground. Think about the last election you witnessed or the last time you made a purchase. Chances are that the person you ended up rooting for, supporting or buying from had some values that matched your own, which enabled you to connect with them, trust them and want support them over the other options.

Support your customers and they will support you

Support is the key concept. We all have a natural tendency to want to keep alive what is dear to us. This is as true for pets, people and things. Imagine how you would feel if you’re favorite snack or drink, or brand of coffee suddenly disappeared from existence? You would no doubt find an alternative but in the meantime you might feel a sense of loss or anxiety. For this reason we connect with and support brands that have meaning and we connect with. In every case, it is the brand with the story most resonant to us that we support.

Storytelling has always kept knowledge alive. This is evident in our modern education system, where the most successful teachers are able to convey their subject through a series of stories, examples and practical experiments. This has been the case throughout history, when our greatest ancestors shared perils, dangers and the secrets to overcoming them around the campfire. Even in current times, we share our knowledge and teach our children right from wrong and danger from safety by fantastical bedtime stories and by watching the latest Disney Pixar creation.

Think about your next product adventure. How do you plan to engage your customers through shared values? What experience will your brand bring to the table? What problem are you solving with your brand experience?

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