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The Commino Experience Loop

The Commino Experience Loop is our process for mapping a customer journey across emotional and rational touchpoints. We then overlay this to the physical touchpoints. We believe that planning a ...

Quick video I made to help some people use the new Keyword Planner

I have had a few requests from people that wanted to learn how to use the updated Keyword Planer.  This is a really topline video mainly for those that purchased the Longtailling guide from me.

Ages of advertising

Jakob Nielsen's list of recognized usability principles (the 10 heuristics)

Jakob Nielsen 10 Heuristic Principles

The 10 Heuristic Usability principles as set out by Jakob Neilsen

Seven ways to generate engagement that drives towards loyalty

Seven ways to generate engagement that drives towards loyalty

1. Always provide a clear call to action and never rely in user to interact of their own accord. Relying on users to interact or be loyal ...

Eliminate friction and improve conversions with 7 Ux trends

Eliminate friction in your UX and Improve conversions

3 positive UX trends


3 ways to create loyalty and stay relevant to your customers

Create loyalty in your brand

If you want to create loyalty in your brand, being available for your audience is vital. Through being genuinely useful to customers in their moments of appreciation you ...

22 secrets of great story telling 1/22 ADMIRE A CHARACTER FOR TRYING

#1: You admire a character for ‘trying’ more than, for their ‘successes’

Getting inside the customer’s head

Getting inside the customer’s head

What makes people tick? Anthropologists have been trying to crack that question for decades. It’s also the subject of fascination for marketers. Both have made ...